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Home Keylogger: Testimonials

I realy liked this program. It's very useful!!
It's a very tiny and simple program. And it realy does what I was loking for. Thanks.
Giancarlo Boaron, gboaron(at)yahoo.com.br

This is just the greatest little jewel of a program.
It is just the diamond I was looking for. Once I have finished playing with it I must look into your other products.
Russell McManus, mcmanusrps(at)ns.sympatico.ca

This is a great product. I absolutely love the Home Keylogger. Please give the programmer who made it props as he did a great job.
Brandon, jackbquick(at)ameritech.net

Keep this program going, guys!
It is extremely simple, easy to use, and best of all, it's FREE!! and no stupid timer or registration fees or anything!!! The logfile it creates is so easy to read, it's incredibly clean and simple! It is just perfect for my needs. This is a 10+ winner, guys. Keep up the excellent work!
Dylan Todd, cup_crazy86(at)hotmail.com

I have been download your Home Keylogger recently and I found that it is very useful ( especially to track other user from do unhealty activity on the PC when we are not around ). However I personally felt that it is more better if sir / madam can make it so that the icon in the tray will not shown after every time the computer boot up / started , otherwise other user will know that we are spying their activities on the PC .
Thanks for your freeware software.
Maxis Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, maxis_mailbox(at)yahoo.com

I just tried the Home keylogger. I think it's a great program I ever download from the web.=)
Freddie Sanchez, freddiesanchez(at)hotmail.com

CNET users:

Best simple keylogger I've tried!
Platform: Win98se Pros: I've tried most of the keyloggers and this program installs and operates easier than most of them. others. Simple, straightforward, effective. It's free. Cons: It automatically places an icon on the desktop, so if you're using this for surveillance needs, the icon will have to be removed. Too, the program is visible in the add/remove programs app of the Control Panel.

Simply Wonderful
This program is great! You can secretly monitor every keystroke on your computer. This program tells you what was typed, when it was typed, in what program it was typed, and on what web site it was typed. It even monitors who someone is chatting with on Instant Messaging programs. I highly recommend this program.
Centri Alpha

This is THE keylogger.
I have downloaded, installed it in a minute, I would really recommend this one! Easy to use, small program, no unneeded features. runs good. Although it should run hidden right at startup.

Does exactly what it says. Excelent.
This is app is very good. I haven't seen others, but this one does work. Fast download, fast install, easy setup, no blotated with unneccessary features. Worked so well that here I am writing this review.
C. Bemis

The best iv seen.
I havent seen that great of keyloggers but this ones good! get this!
Dude who liked this thing

The best to get a password.
Now u have to try this keylogger

Wonderfull simple.
No problem to anyone but jusr great.

This product is so easy to use!!!
Michael M.

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