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Family Key Logger: Testimonials

What an amazing product!
Tell whoever designed this piece of software that they deserve major recognition. I can't even begin to explain how pleased I am with KeyLogger! I can't wait for school to start, hehe...
Jesse (J.L.) Johnson, squiggy4(at)swbell.net

I really love this program!
I'm a system administrator at a school, and this really helps me to keep track of what's happend on the computers. Great program.
Mroberti, don_roberti(at)hotmail.com

You might not know but you can use keylogger for evil purposes
You might not know but you can use keylogger for evil purposes :). Here is one way of using it; Download or transfer keylogger to a local cyber cafe, then execute keylogger and come back the next day and retrieve the passwords. Doing this is illegal because it is classified as hacking. If you friend comes over make sure you have key logger on so you know what he`s/she`s doing when you are away from the computer, or let him/her check their mail or messenger application. Have fun! :)
Xojo, ra3rulescoffee(at)hotmail.com

Very very good and small program.
I love it. This is exactly what I was looking for. Nice job. You did very well!!!!!!
Mike, pupatico(at)freemail.hu

Easy and simple to use.
The best keylogger program i've used.
Peter Lam, lilsorjai(at)hotmail.com

Just the way it should be
Many other keyloggers I tried either had viruses in them or were unreliable, but this programs is free from any viruses, small on memory recourses and very stable, what more could you want.
Daniil G., Daniil(at)supanet.com

Keylogger is great.
Key logger is great it can be used for anything even for hacking someones e-mail,just get them to sign on after you've put logger on there computer then check it when the step out.
Tim Armstrong, timothy3061(at)hotmail.com

I like it !
Dewey, deweyto(at)hotmail.com

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