Windows Hider Pro



How to switch off the program?

If you don't want the program to react to any HotKeys then switch off the main process of the program. You can do that by pressing "Stop" button in the "Wait for HotKeys" section.

Were has the program disappeared? Why don't I see anything?

Program deliberately does not output anything onto the screen. You can only see Options dialog. At all the other times, the program is working in the hidden mode. This feature is a big plus to our program when considering similar programs, moreover, as a consequence, the program virtually does not take any memory and processing power, it will "sleep" until you press your HotKey.

How can I translate this program into another language?

It is not difficult to translate this program into another language. All you have to do is to go into Windows Hider program folder(for example by choosing it from Start - Programs - Windows Hider Pro - Dir). In there you will see a file called English.ini - open it in any text editor and translate all english words into your language and save this file under a different name - ***.ini, where *** - is the name of your language. Now try to load a program and choose a newly created language. After this, translate the help file that you are reading now, saving the translated text in a separate text file. Make sure you checked the translation for any errors and if you don't find any, you can send the translated files to us and we will give you the program registration absolutely FREE.

Why is this program is so small?

This program was written in pure Win32 API. At the moment you can rarely find programs written in pure Win32 API, but we did this for our customers so that the program not only has a very small size but takes virtually no memory or processor power.

Your program does not react to HotKeys. What can I do?

First of all, make sure that the program is working. You can check this by loading the configuration dialog. If the "Wait for HotKeys" section has the button "Start" disabled then the program is already working. If the "Stop" button is disabled then you have to press "Start" to start the program.

If the program is still not working then there is a possibility that some other program is blocking your HotKeys. Try to close all programs and load Windows Hider Pro again.

And finally, if all this didn't help, you can contact our support at [email protected] describing the situation. Don't forget to state the version of our program, version of your operating system and programs that are running parallel to "Windows Hider Pro".

May I contact your support service?

If you've got a problem, please contact us at

[email protected]

Please inform us about the following:

  • program version (from "About" dialog)
  • Windows 95/98/NT version (including service packs and other fixes installed), US or international
  • description of your problem (as much information as possible to retrieve the problem)