Windows Hider Pro

How to


How to configure HotKeys

You can manipulate HotKeys according to your personal taste. By default they are:

  • Hide windows: CTR+F12
  • Unhide windows: CTR+F10
  • Show options dialog: CTR+F11

To change these HotKeys to the ones you prefer, put the mouse cursor into one of the three input fields for HotKeys and press desired HotKey combination.

How to correctly set a string for hiding or unhiding a window(s).

Lets consider two cases:

Image that you have ONE program that you want to hide. Now, take a look at the title of this programs' window(this is the blue stripe in the top part of the screen with the title on it). For example, the text there says - "Advanced TCP Logger". Now you have to write this string in the left text field of Windows Hider. After you have done this, you can press your HotKey combination for hiding and "Advanced TCP Logger" will vanish from the screen. But if instead, you put this string into the righthand side text field of the Windows Hider, then after pressing your HotKey the program will be closed.

If you would like to hide a whole group of windows, for example, all windows of "Internet Explorer", then you have to input into one of the text fields a part of title that exists in all windows you want to hide. i.e. if you input "WordPad", then the following windows will be hidden:

  • "Readme.txt - WordPad"
  • "WordPad"
  • "History.txt - WordPad"
  • "This is WordPad!"

because all of them contain a string "WordPad".

Now you can input your own desired strings and press "Accept".