Windows Hider Pro

Quick Start


Right after the installation you will see a new shortcut on your desktop which belongs to Windows Hider. Moreover, the program will load and start working in the automatic(hidden) mode during the installation time.

The program is already configured in order to show you how this can be done. To test it, try opening several Internet Explorer windows and a few other programs(doesn't matter which). Then just press CTRL+F12. Hopefully, if you didn't change the configuration, all Internet Explorer Windows will hide. To unhide all the windows just press CTRL+F10.

Now press CTRL+F11. This will bring up a configuration menu. Doubleclicking on the program shortcut(either on Desktop or in the Start Menu) will also bring up a configuration window.

Top part of the window is for specifying which shortcuts you would like to use for Hiding, UnHiding and bringing up this configuration menu.

In the central part of the configuration window you will see some space to enter the titles of the windows you want to be hidden or killed. First time you run the configuration, you should see a text "Microsoft Internet Explorer" in one of these spaces(the left one). This means that as soon as you press the specified shortcut, all windows that have "Microsoft Internet Explorer" as a part of their title will be hidden. E.g. the following windows will be hidden:

  • "KMiNT21 Software - Microsoft Internet Explorer"
  • "History - Microsoft Internet Explorer - History"

When you want to include other programs or documents just add an extra line to one of these spaces with the title of the window you want to be hidden and press OK.

Keep in mind, that left space is provided for windows that need to be hidden and right space is provided for the list of the windows that need to be closed when the Hotkey is pressed.

Thats it! You have now configured your hider!